Copy of Air Queen Nano Mask 1Stk. (Made in Korea)

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Features Made in Korea


Nanofiber Filter Mask






    4.38g, lighter than a sheet of paper

    You won't even realize you are wearing it. We made it light. Because we need to wear it everyday, everywhere, all day.




    Versus Melt Blown Filter

    Conventional filter like melt blown uses electrostatic adsorption. It loses its effectiveness as it gets moisturized by breath in and out. Nano filter filters particles by its densely tangled structure. Therefore, it can be reused. 





    All day comfort

    Excellent permeability lets the moisture escape to make you feel comfortable for a long time use. The mask also protects you from UV lights. 










    How to Use

    1. Wear the mask to cover your nose and chin.

    2. Hook each strap over your ear to lock them in place.

    3. Press the nose piece with the fingers of both hands so that mask is in close contact with your face.

    4. Cover the entire mask with both hands and adjust it to fit the face to mask sure there is no air leakage.





    - Make sure not to place towel, tissue, etc. inside of the mask.

    - Do not use if the inside of the mask in cotaminated.

    - Do not wash for use.

    - Do not crush or deform the mask.

    - Do not touch the surface of the mask after wearing.

    - If you are a pregnant woman, a child, a senior citizen, a patient suffering from respiratory tract or cardiovascular disease and feel uncomfortable in breathing when you wear the mask please discontinue using immediately and consult your doctor or other specialist if necessary. 


    Made in Korea

    Manufacturing Date : 04.2020 ~