Believe Mask with Adjustable Earloop 3Stk. (Corona SARS CoV-2 certified)

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1-3 Tage (Ab Lager)


Ab Werk Schwalbach, Deutschland


1 Stk. / Pkg.


- Corona SARS-CoV-2 Atemschutzmaske certified

- The earloops are adjustable

- KF94 Standard

- Made in Korea


KF94 Mask with Adjustable Loop




    How to Use

    1. Check that the surface that contacts the respiratory system is not contaminated.

    2. Hold the part with the nose side up and wear it to cover the nose and mouth.

    3. Hang the string on the ears and adjust the string to fix the position.

    4. When wearing a mask, make sure that there are no gaps on the face, so that it adheres completely to the face.





    - Do not use in a closed place with an oxygen concentration of less than 18%.

    Do not wear a towel, tissue paper, etc. over the respirator.

    Do not use if the inside of the mask is contaminated.

    Do not use after washing the mask.

    Do not crush or deform the icosahedron.

    If breathing is uncomfortable due to wearing a mask such as pregnant women, respiratory/cardiovascular disease patients, children, the elderly, etc., discontinue use and consult with a doctor, etc. if necessary.



    Made in Korea

    Manufacturing Date : 05.2020 ~

    Approved by Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety