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MB Filter 3-layers, 14 x 9 cm

Made in Korea


High-performance triple filter / MB filter / waterproof function 

MB Filter (melt blown filter)

MB filter (melt blown filter) used in the SORISO mask is a core raw material of HEPA filter, and has excellent blocking power to protect the respiratory system from harmful substances in life.

The filter of this mask uses a filter of 30g or more at 1m in width and height, so the filter is thicker and stronger, and the bacteria filtering efficiency is better.
(Other disposable mask filters are 15~20g based on 1m in width and height)





1. 3-folding structure
Anyone can easily use it with a three-fold structure

2. Built in wire frame
Functional nose support prevents fogging and wraps softly for comfortable fit.

3. High elastic silk band
It is a high-elastic silk band for excellent fit

4. Use of waterproof fabric
The waterproof fabric blocks the penetration of droplets.



Filter Layers









Precautions for use

- Stop using it immediately, if you experience skin problems such as itchiness or rash.

- Do not wash it for reuse.

- Do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.

- Do not use it if the inside of the mask is contaminated. Do not use near fire.



Material: 100% Polypropylene (Outer and Inner layer, meltblown filter)

Color: White

Size: 140mm X 90mm

Quantity: 25EA

Origin: Made in Korea